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Back to Basics

Back to Basics

I love pattern cutting and sampling and generally fiddling around with fabric. The challenge of taking a 2d working drawing and turning it into a 3d shape.

Right now it feels like sgt.smith has come full circle. Back in the early days of our business we would make every item to order. As our little business grew it wasn’t possible to keep up by making everything ourselves, so we would have our products made for us in factories and we would then bring them back to our studio to be printed and sent out to our customers. We got to a stage where we were sending out lots of orders every day but we realised our daily tasks weren’t the things that we enjoy doing, the fun had gone out of it all. So a little while ago we decided to slow everything down and get back to what we love – designing, printing and making.

Here's a pic of me (well, my hands!) pattern cutting and grading some baby and childrens tops. When the patterns are ready we'll make the first samples here. Then when we’re happy with the shapes, the fabric pieces will be printed here in our studio and then they’ll be sent out to a local manufacturer who will make up a limited run of garments.

New baby and child tops and tees coming soon(ish)!