About Us

We are Vicki and Jim and our sgt.smith journey began back in 2006. Having relocated from London back to the North and with backgrounds in fashion, graphic design and publishing we pursued our passion for printing, originally creating screenprinted t-shirt designs from our garden shed. Over the years we have grown our business and our team and we now operate from the top floor of an old textile mill in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire.

Since we turned 10 we have taken our business in a different direction and you can now find our printing services and some of our grown up collections at www.huddersfieldscreenprinting.co.

We are always updating our limited run print designs . Who knows where our next adventure will lead but our sgt.smith mission will always be to create original, ethical, fun and durable clothes that kids love to wear. So that when your little ones wear sgt.smith, they also wear a smile!